Bob Kemp


        *NOT EVEN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL COULD SCREW THIS UP: In fact, MLB should be praised for what had to be enormous work to make it a professional setting.
        *THE FOX TELECAST WAS SUPERB: From production to capturing the drama, especially the pre-game. Also, thankfully it was the Joe Buck-John Smoltz professional duo and not the ESPN Matt Vasgersian-Alex Rodriguez clown fest.
        *KEVIN COSTNER IS COMFORTABLE IN THE SPOTLIGHT: But, unlike others, he understands the importance of not stealing the spotlight.
        *JAMES EARL JONES IS THE VOICE OF GOD, whether it’s Field of Dreams,an Arby’s commercial or anything in between.
        *FOX ALSO NAILED THE MUSIC: My favorite was the Canned Heat classic Going Up The Country.
        *THE WHITE SOX NEED TO CHANGE CLOSERS: Craig Kimbrel should be pitching the ninth inning instead of Liam Hendriks whether its August or October.