A.J. Pollock wants things done right the second time around with his elbow

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GLENDALE, Ariz. – As weird as it is to hear D-backs center fielder A.J. Pollock say this, he knew an injury, like the one he suffered last Friday night against the Kansas City Royals with his right elbow being fractured, was coming.

It was just a matter of time.

“It was going to happen,” said Pollock. “It was just a simple little thing I did (sliding into home plate). It’s (frustrating), but it’s almost like, ‘Hey, let’s this thing fixed up, and let’s go in there, and it right, and move on.’”

Pollock spoke with reporters before batting practice on Monday, and said that his elbow surgery is scheduled for sometime on Tuesday.

Pollock has no set time to return to action. He just wants to make sure everything is done right, and in order, so he can come back and be 100-percent for the D-backs.

“I don’t really have any options,” Pollock said. “It’s one of those things that it’s frustrating, and there’s plenty of times throughout the day where I have to tell myself, ‘I’m not actually playing.’”

“I’ve been through rehab processes before, and you kind of know how to (take it) one day at a time, and just keep doing the next step, and that’s how I’m going to take it,” Pollock said.

This isn’t the first time Pollock will have had surgery on his elbow. He had surgery back in 2010 on the same elbow, after he fractured it diving for a ball during Spring Training that year. He missed the entire season as a result.

Pollock says the surgery, which will be performed by Dr. Donald Sheridan, elbow, hand and wrist surgeon for the Arizona Diamondbacks, will be different the second time around because Dr. Sheridan will approach the procedure from “a different angle,” which will hopefully help the healing process go much quicker and easier for him.

“I’ll be pushing pretty hard (to get back) when I can,” Pollock said. “I know my doctor (Dr. Sheridan) really well too, and he’s very aggressive, if it’s the right time to be aggressive.”

“If surgery goes well, you obviously want to see how the bone’s healing,” Pollock said. “It’s a lot of variables, but my No. 1 thing is, when it’s (elbow) ready, I want to make sure that I’m not just out there, (but) I’m playing at a very high level, and able to help this team win. Just simply being out there, I don’t think is good enough, especially with the type of players we have. It just wouldn’t make sense to be out there to be out there. I’m going to make sure it’s right. (I’m) going to be really itching to get out there. I don’t want to put a date on it, but I’ll be itching to get out there as early as I can.”

In the meanwhile, Chris Owings and Socrates Brito will be manning Pollock’s spot out in center field until he’s medically cleared, and he’s comfortable in coming back.

There’s no doubt in Pollock’s mind that Owings and Brito will get the job done until he makes his return.

“Yeah, they’re (Owings and Brito) gonna do great,” Pollock said. “I talk to C.O. (Chris Owings), he lives right near me. He’s got a unique situation, and I kind of had the same transition in college (University of Notre Dame), going right from shortstop, (and) getting thrown in the fire in the outfield. It’s weird to say, but if you can play shortstop, you can play center field I think. The only time you get in (trouble) is if you try to do too much out there. He’s (Owings) going to do just fine. Socrates (Brito), he’s a great player. He’s ready for this, and I’m excited to watch him take advantage of this opportunity.”