Bob Kemp


        *SOMEDAY ASU FOOTBALL MAY BE FORCED TO RESPOND: Co-assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator Antonio Pierce was the latest taking the NO COMMENT route when meeting with the media for the first time since reports of the alleged NCAA illegalities.
        *WILL THE NHL EVER REALIZE THAT ARIZONA IS NOT A FIT: On Thursday, Glendale announced it has ended negotiations with the Coyotes who, after one more season on the west side, apparently, will next try to suck money from the east side, specifically Tempe.
       *THE DIAMONDBACKS COMPLETED A 6-1 HOMESTAND AGAINST CONTENDING TEAMS: They won three of four against the Padres before completing a three-game sweep of the Phillies on Wednesday with recent ace level pitcher Madison Bumgarner outdueling supposed Cy Young contender Zack Wheeler.
        *NIKOLA JOKIC IS BEING DISREPECTED: The Nuggets were NOT included on the 2021 Christmas Day television schedule, the first time since 2008 the previous season’s MVP was not included on the holiday slate.
        *THE WARRIORS ORGANIZATION IS REPORTEDLY SPLIT ON WHETHER THEY WANT BEN SIMMONS: The Warriors should say no because Draymond Green is a far better all-around player than Simmons.
        *FROM POSSIBLY THE MOST WORTHLESS STAT EVER CATEGORY: The Ravens, entering Saturday’s game at Carolina, have won 18 straight preseason games.