*FINALLY, SOME NATIONAL LEAGUE MVP LOVE, OTHER THAN FROM ME, FOR BRANDON CRAWFORD: Mets play-by-play man Gary Cohen tonight called the Giants shortstop “a prime MVP.”
         *THE FIRST-PLACE RAYS HAVE BEEN INCREDIBLE IN THE NINTH INNING: Kevin Cash’s team has a plus SIXTY run-differential in just the ninth inning.
         *THE DODGERS WALKER BUEHLER HAS PITCHED AT LAST SIX INNINGS IN ALL BUT ONE START: With the NL West still in the balance, would they monitor his innings in September.
         *IMAGINE A YANKEES-RED SOX WILD CARD GAME: One game to advance should be high drama.
         *MIKE TROUT HAS BEEN MISSED MORE THAN 30 PERCENT OF ANGELS GAMES SINCE THE START OF THE 2017 SEASON: It’s reached the point to where I have heard multiple fantasy baseball podcasts suggesting that Trout will not be a first-rounder in 2022.
         *I HEARD SOME LITTLE LEAGUER ON THURSDAY COMPARED TO CHRIS SALE: Such comparisons are absurd, something hopefully a 12-year can deal with moving forward.