Bob Kemp


        *RAMS 23, BENGALS 20: Three of the Rams stars came through while the Bengals couldn’t overcome their porous offensive line.
        *COOPER KUPP IS THE NFL MVP, NOT AARON RODGERS: Sunday was yet another example of why the MVP should be awarded AFTER the Super Bowl and NOT solely based on often meaningless regular season events.
        *MATTHEW STAFFORD WAS CLUTCH AGAIN: He led the Rams on the game-winning drive in their last three post-season wins over the Buccaneers, 49ers and Bengals.
        *AARON DONALD DELIVERED WHEN IT MATTERED: He had two key sacks plus the final play pressure of Joe Burrow.
        *THE BENGALS OFFENSE DIDN’T MAKE ENOUGH PLAYS: They surrendered seven sacks and managed just two touchdowns (the first on a trick play, the second on the Burrow to Tee Higgins touchdown that should have been offensive pass interference penalty).
        *THE LONGEST NFL SEASON EVER IS THE LATEST EXAMPLE HOW THE LEAGUE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PLAYER SAFETY: 285 games over 23 weeks from September 9 thru February 13 is an inhuman physical marathon for the players.