Bob Kemp

Bottom Line 4/26/21


MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2021


        *THE PATRIOTS COULD USE STEPHON GILMORE AS A TRADE CHIP: Gilmore is a free agent after the 2021 season and his final year salary is just $7 million. It is believed the Patriots want to move up to get one of the top five quarterbacks.
        *THE LIONS AT #7 AND PANTHERS AT #8 ARE TARGETS FOR TEAMS LOOKING TO MOVE UP: The Lions have six total selections and the Lions just five, adding to their incentive.
        *SO. WHO MIGHT BE LOOKiNG TO MOVE UP: The Patriots and Bears are quarterback hunting, while multiple teams, including maybe the Cardinals, are looking to add cornerbacks.
        *THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND CLEMSON TOP SHELF NFL TALENT HAS DECLINED: Do not be surprised if each school has just one first rounder – Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields.
        *DEVONTA SMITH OFFICIALLY WEIGHED IN A 166: He will still be no worse than the third wide receiver selected, but FYI – of the 38 first round wide receivers selected over the past 10 years, (Hollywood Brown) weighed less than 170 pounds.
        *WIDE RECEIVER TERRACE MARSHALL JR. MAY NOT BE A FIRST ROUNDER: He has been red-flagged by some teams because of a bad knee.