Bob Kemp’s Bottom Line




        *HEROES (DIVISION) – NFC WEST: So, why this week – because it’s the fourth division in history to have all its teams with 4+ wins after seven weeks.
         *HERO (PLAYER) – JUSTIN HERBERT: The Chargers rookie quarterback has gone from struggling calling plays in a huddle for his first time ever during Hard Knocks to 413 yards and four touchdowns (347 yards and three touchdowns passing, 66 yards and a touchdown rushing) in his fourth career start.   
        *HERO (COACH) – MIKE TOMLIN: The last unbeaten coach after winning last week’s unbeaten showdown at Tennessee.
        *ZEROES (DIVISION) – NFC WEST: So, why this week – because it’s the first time in history that a no team in a division has at least three wins thru seven weeks in a non-strike season.
        *ZERO (PLAYER) – CAM NEWTON: The Patriots might have damaged goods (a possibility we talked about the entire off-season). Could his previously injured arm be wearing down with quarterback ratings going from 100.7 and 94.6 after the first two weeks to 73.8, 51.6 and 39.7 the last three games (I stole the numbers from Nate Davis of USA Today)?
         *ZERO (COACH) – ANTHONY WEAVER: The Texans first-year defensive coordinator, who after last season, replaced current interim head coach Romeo Crennel, somehow watched Davante Adams catch 13 passes for 196 yards and two touchdowns after the Packers other weapon, Aaron Jones, was a pre-game scratch.


        *AT 9:15, THE DAILY CARDINALS UPDATE: Topped by D.J. Humphries Meets The Press 
        *AT 9:30, A STEELERS-RAVENS PREVIEW: with Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 
        *IN THE FINAL SEGMENT OF HOUR ONE, THE NATIONAL ROUNDUP: topped by The Latest Line,  Personnel News and From The Scoreboard 
        *AT 10:15, A WORLD SERIES UPDATE: with Matt Snyder of CBS




       THE BOTTOM LINE (POST-GAME): The Cardinals scored 10 points over the final 2:33 in regulation, and, after a Zane Gonzalez missed a field goal to win the game in overtime, the seldom-used Isaiah Simmons intercepted a Russell Wilson pass to give Gonzalez a second chance which he nailed to give the organization its biggest win since the Bruce Arians administration. 
        PRE-GAME: Cardinals – Brett Hundley, KeeSean Johnson, Eno Benjamin, Joshua Miles, Jordan Thomas … Seahawks – S Jamal Adams, former OL Cardinal Mike Iupati, WR Penny Hart, TE Luke Wilson, G Kyle Fuller, DT Anthony Rush
        FIRST QUARTER: Cardinals won toss and deferred = first play Wilson deep to Lockett who beat Peterson (who was in good coverage – second play Wilson to Hollister +17 –  five plays, four first downs = 1+3 @ 3, Lockett easily beat Kirkpatrick for td, 75 plays in six plays (Wilson 5 for 5) = SEA 7-0, 11:59Cardinals awful start on defense … 11:59, AZ 25 – Daniels 1st play drop at least 20 yards – 2nd snap, Cole forgot snap count = 2+15, 20 – 3+10, 20, complete for -2 (three plays, minus 7 yards – Cardinals awful start on offense (10:34) … 10:26, SEA 34 – Allen injured on first play (leg into medical tent) – 3+10, Metcalf short catch and Murphy whiffs on tackle meant FD – Another easy first down pass to uncovered Carson – Cardinals lucky, Deionte Thompson beat easily beat by Olson but no touchdown because no two feet in (7:01) – 3+10 @23, good coverage + Phillips = Wilson throws it out of bounds = SEA 10-0, 6:35 … AZ 25, 3_8, 27, Murray +8 scramble FD – Hopkins draws PI = 1+10, 43 – Arnold +14 FD – 3+2 Murray slides two yards short +8 = Murray sensational throw deep TD +35 yard TD to well covered Hopkins (all after Cole snapped ball too soon) – Murray excellent 75 yard drive = SEA 10-7, 2:39 … SEA 25, Allen returns, jumps offside and leaves again – Lockett torching Cardinals CBs 
        SECOND QUARTER: Wilson torching Cardinals zone defense and attacking Kirkpatrick and Thompson in man … SEA 13-7, 12:50 … Hopkins catch and fumble = Seattle recovery @ AZ 31 > Cardinals need stop – Murphy excellent coverage on Lockett but Moore beats Kirkpatrick who having a terrible game = 1+3 @ 3 – Baker sensational pick after Seattle went fast and confused Cardinals defense (Russ hung pass and Metcalf caught Baker at 8)3+2 @ 2, Murray stopped for minus 1 = 4+3, 3, Kingsbury goes for it and Murray forced to scramble and desperation incomplete pass – Cardinals zero points after great turnaround play (6:43) … Wilson runs 34 on old-time option play to Sea 48 (5:31) … Dissly +28 beat Hicks who also missed tackle to AZ 24 – Hyde 24 yard td run (Peterson held by Brown and no call = Cardinals defense allows 97 yard td drive = SEA 20-7, 4:04 … Cardinals need points before half and get ball start 2nd half – Hopkins FD +12 – 3+8, AZ 39, Hopkins (great throw) +14 – Murray to Arnold +41 to 9 = 1+7, 7 Murray to wide open Kirk who makes great coach on bad throw – Cardinals great drive when needed = SEA 20-14. 1:14 … Wilson now killing Cardinals zone with his legs – Kirkpatrick (bad much of season) is awful tonightPeterson (not in bad coverage) beat for TD by Lockett – typical Wilson incredible deep throw = SEA 27-14, 0:43 (Wilson 16 of 24, 250, 2/1)Cardinals Isaiah injured on kickoff … Cardinals :43 @ 25 (three time outs) – two completions to Fitz (both time outs) and two to Edmonds (who got out of bounds) – Gonzalez 49 yard field goal but Gonzalez knocked down and may be injuted = SEA 27-17, 0:00Cardinals defense allowed 27 points, 377 yards, 0 sacks, 17:14 
        THIRD QUARTER: Carson questionable to return … Cardinals ball = Fitz FD +Edmonds FD catch – 3+11 Murray well short on scramble – bad possession – Lee punt bounces into end zone (12:00) … 3+8. SEA – Joseph blitzed last two plays = Wilson throwaway – Cardinals force first punt (8:30) … 1st play from seven Murray overthrows Hopkins who was open – 3+5, 12, Wagner personal foul for FD after Murray missed Arnold (bad call – Cardinals should have been forced to punted) – Murray to Hopkins +18 (great throw) – Pugh hold when Murray ran out of pocket – 3+5, 36, Murray to Edmonds who was blocking +18 – Edmonds flip pass to 5 after he breaks passes – Murray keeps last 5 yards (made Wright miss) – great 93 yard drive after officials missed call should have been three and out = SEA 27-24, 2:59 … need second straight stop by defense – SEA starts at 10 after penalty on kickoff – Wilson to Olsen FD to 21, Wilson scramble FD +12 to 33, Wilson to Lockett +10 to 43 
        FOURTH QUARTER: Baker out briefly after helmet to helmet = got away with penalty – 3+4, SEA 48 WIlson to Lockett FD vs. AZ zone to AZ 35 – 3+4, AZ 32, great call by Joseph, Russ fooled and deep but Peterson gets feet inbounds for end zone pick (12:18) … AZ 20 – first play Murray awful throw to wide open Isabella over the middle … SEA @ AZ 45 – Joseph great second half confusing Russ who uses second time of half (12:04) – 3+1, AZ 36. Hyde gets edge on Kennard for +1 and first down – 3+2, 27, Moore end around FD +4 – Peters rarely called defensive line hold = FD @ AZ 11 – 3-2, 3, Dissly dropped TD who beat Campbell – 4+2, 3 – Lockett beats Kirkpatrick (who was in good coverage for td after correct replay reversal = SEA 34-24, 6:43 … AZ 25 – Murray FD run – 3+1, SEA 45, Murray no gain – 4+1, 45, Drake good run +2 FD but Drake down with leg and left on cart with ankle (3:58) – Edmonds +2 FD – Cardinals unable to get chunk plays against Sea deep zone – 3+12 SEA 34, Murray missed open Kirk for easy pitch+catch – Cardinals kicked field goal but Sea penalty 2:57 = 1+10, SEA 19, Murray to Edmonds +11 to 8 – Murray TD to Kirk who catches at 2 and dives into (Kirk becoming a real reliable receiver) = SEA 34-31, 2:28 … Gonzalez wisely no deep kick SEA starts at 14 – Wilson +9 called keeper – Hyde +2 FD – 3+2, Cardinals get stop (Vallejo stop) … Dickson 66 yards thru 2nd zone good for Cardinals … Cardinals 25, 38 – +11 to Fitz, Murray +12, Murray to Kirk to SEA 38, Edmonds tp 26 and Murray kills clock – Gonzalez 44 yard field goal = 34-34, 0:00
       OVERTIME: SEA wins toss and takes ball – SEA 25 – Reddick sack (Cardinals frist of game) – 3+7, 28, Wilson beats Kirkpatrick who might be playing hurt +17 FD – 3+5, 50, false start = 3-10 SEA 45, Murphy on corner blitz – Vance Joseph great call again … AZ ball at 28 – Edmonds draw +32 to SEA 33 = Edmonds +9 to SEA 24 – Murray +7 to SEA 17 – Gonzalez 41 yard try for game after AZ bench called time – wide left after Gonzalez had made field goal after time out – kicked it on 2nd down and didn’t force Seattle to use time outs  … SEA starts at SEA 30 @ 2:42 – Lockett FD catch, Lockett FD catch to AZ 48, Vallejo playing for injured Hicks = 3+10, AZ 48, TD to Metcalf but Moore hold helped his score = 3+14, 48, WIlson picked by Isaiah Simmons great play dropping in coverage (0:57) … AZ start SEA 49 – Murray +9 to Hopkins, Edmonds FD run +4 to 37 – Fitz bubble screen +7 = 3+3, 10, deep incomplete Kirk at goal line = Gonzalez 48 =attempts + Cardinals take only lead = AZ 37-34
       THE LATEST LINE: Las Vegas Super Book – Seattle 3½ (55½) … Prediction – Seahawks 31, Cardinals 28



        *LOCAL: Seahawks 31, Cardinals 28
        *NFL WEEK #7 SPOTLIGHT GAMES: Pittsburgh 30, Tennessee 23 … Tampa Bay 30, Oakland 20 (subject to change because of Raiders offensive line COVID situation).
        *CFB SPOTLIGHT GAMES: Alabama 45, Tennessee 20 … Iowa State 24, Oklahoma State 23 … Minnesota 24, Michigan 23 (subject to change because of rumored Minnesota COVID issues) … Cincinnati 30, SMU 27 (subject to change because of Cincinnati COVID issues)  



        *THE LEAD: The Cardinals brought back outside linebacker Markus Golden via trade today from the Giants, the latest impressive in-season addition of a difference making veteran player by general manager Steve Keim. Golden should significantly help fill the void of Chandler Jones out for the rest of the season because of injury.
        *LOCAL ROUNDUP: Former Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles is expected to be a head coach again, possibly succeeding Bruce Arians whenever he retires, if Arians ever retires.
        *HEARD THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE: The Buccaneers signing today of Antonio Brown was largely because Mike Evans and Chris Godwin have not been healthy at any point this season and the team does not have its bye until Week 13.  
        Colts head coach Frank Reich and general manager Chris Ballard are at odds over Phillip Rivers whom Reich talked Ballard into signing via free agency.
        The NFL trade deadline is next Thursday – There are Kirk Cousins to the 49ers rumors, even though it seems unlikely because of the salary cap. Remember, Kyle Shanahan coached Cousins in Washington and wanted to sign him via free agency … The Falcons could clean house with even Matt Ryan and Julio Jones mentioned in trade rumors … The Texans could also be trade deadline sellers – Will Fuller is a free agent after this season … The Jets are testing the waters to gauge Sam Darnold’s trade value … Others possible on the move – the Dolphins Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jets Quinnen Williams, the Vikings Kyle Randolph, the Bengals John Ross III.
        Looking ahead to the 2021 NFL Draft, BYU quarterback Zach Wilson has moved himself in first-round territory.
        *AROUND THE NFL: Time to pile on the Cowboys – No team since 1961 has allowed more points thru six games and they are one of two teams (along with the 2020 Jets) to start 0-6 ATS since 2013. Also, the players complaining about not being prepared for the Cardinals were referring to defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and defensive line coach Mike Tomsula, not head coach Mike McCarthy and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.
        *BY THE NUMBERS – 33 – Clemson’s average margin of victory over its first four ACC games.
        61-7 – The margin Tennessee has been outscored since leading 21-17 at halftime at Georgia.
        *RANDOM STUFF: The Patriots under 500 in October first time since 2002 (Tom Brady first season as a fulltime starter … The forecast in Denver on Sunday afternoon for Broncos-Chiefs is 22 degrees and snow … The Marlins reportedly parted ways with long-time front office man Mike Hart so Derek Jeter can hire recently fired Angels general manager Billy Eppler who knows Jeter from their days with the Yankees.



         *HEROES (TEAM) – PITTSBURGH: The Steelers dominated in every aspect, especially the line of scrimmage, during the easy win over the Browns who resembled a bogus one-loss team.
         *HERO (PLAYER) – DEREK HENRY: His amazing breakaway speed for a big man was impressive during his 94-yard touchdown run and his 212 rushing yards was the difference in the overtime win over the Texans.  
        *HERO (COACH) – CHICAGO DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR CHUCK PAGANO: The Bears are 5-1, almost solely because of his defense, which last Sunday completely befuddled Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater who finished 16 of 29 for 229 yards with zero touchdowns and two interceptions.
        *ZEROES (TEAM) – THE PACKERS: Allowing the final 38 points after taking a 10-0 lead at Tampa resembled the fraudulent 13-3 team of last season.
         *ZERO (PLAYER) – KIRK COUSINS: Three interceptions against the awful Falcons defense was the second time in six games this season he tossed three picks.
        *ZERO (COACH) – ZAC TAYLOR: The Bengals in 1-11-1 in one-score games over 24 games for the in over his head coach.



       THE BOTTOM LINE: The Cardinals moved to 4-2, dominating from start to finish against a horribly coached and shockingly unmotivated opponent. 
        PRE-GAME: Good news for the Cardinals – D.J. Humphries and Devon Kennard are both active. Inactive are Brett Hundley, Eno Benjamin, KeeSean Johnson, Kylie Fitts and Josh Miles … Also good news for the  Cowboys who have no noteworthy and unexpected players among their inactive players – DeMarcus Lawrence (knee), Trevon Diggs (knee) and Leighton Vander Esch are all active.  
        FIRST HALF: Cardinals have ball first after Cowboys won toss and deferred – 3+7, 28, Murray too long for Isabella who was open and appeared to slow up with ball in air = punt after motion before punt … Scherfield immediate special teams tackle on Lamb … 3+9, 28 – Gardeck forced quick throw and short completion = Cardinals defense 3+out – Simmons on field as deep safety (12:05) … AZ 3+1, Murray FD to Daniels +2 > 3+5, 39, Murray FD to Fitz +7 > Murray QB draw +13 to D40 > Murray pass batted down (weekly problem) = 3+10, D40, another deep shot to Isabella and confusion – Isabella two targets before Hopkins any … Lee 30 yard punt to 10 – could have been better (8:17) … Hicks dropped pick at 25 (possible pick six) – 3+11, D8, Gardeck near safety but Dalton gets rid of ball – Cardinals could have had a pick or safety but got neither – instead Kirk 1 yard punt return and ball at AZ 49 (7:12) … 3+12, AZ 47, after Pugh false start – Murray to Hopkins +13 but Fitzgerald blocking downfield for PI – 3-22, 37, Edmonds draw +0 = blew field position and punt (5:17) … Dallas, already without both starting tackles and first two centers, loses stud guard Martin to head injury – 3+3, 34 Gallup +5 FD beat Kirkpatrick – Zeke +11 FD to 50 – Hustling Baker forced Zeke fumble on reception, Phillips hustling recovery … AZ ball at AZ 46, Murray missed open Hopkins for at least 20, then Murray overthrows Drake (3 for 12 start = 3+10, Murray scrambles +11 – Murray to Hopkins +14 to D 16 … SECOND QUARTERMurray under center, roll right and Drake drop – 4+1, 16, Murray boot left, easy FD +9 (Cards 5 on 5 fourth down season)Kirk 7 td on inside flip from Murray = AZ 7-0, 12:58 – Cardinals nine straight red zone trips tds … Elliott another lost fumble – Phillips forced and Murphy recovered at D273+11, D28 – Murray to Fitz +11 – Murray +17 run to one-yard line – 1+1, 1 Drake easy walk-in td (AZ 14 points off to Elliott fumbles) = AZ 14-0, 10:11 … Cardinals tackling getting sloppy – allowed 3rd+long FD pass, then two first down runs to AZ 38 – Reddick pass defelection – Murphy draws block in back penalty = Dallas out of field goal range + punt (5:02) … AZ 20 – 1st play deep 80 yards to wide open Kirk for easy touchdown = AZ 21-0, 4:41 … 3+7, AZ 34, +9 FD beat Thompson – 3+2. 14, easy +7 Peterson beat to outside by Wilson = 1+9, 9, Reddick coverage sack with Cardinals in zone – 3+16, 16, Gallup dropped TD with Cardinals in zone = AZ 21-3, :10 
        THIRD QUARTER: Cowboys Martin will not return = top 4 OL out … 3-6, AZ 42, Kirkrick pick after he got away with penalty (not a penalty if its not called) at AZ 21 (12:25) … AZ first play – Drake +21 + Drake +22 to D37 – Edmonds +10 – Cowboys have quit – Drake +7 – Murray FD run to 12 – Arnold interfered with in end zone = 1+1, 1, Murray easy boot left for td = AZ 28-3, 7:51Cardinals 4 straight TD drives (not counting knee end of first) – 21 points off 3 Dallas turnoversMurphy much-needed good game – tackling and pass deflection … Peterson beat deep by Gallup but Dalton overthrow – Joseph great plan with much zone … Cowboys tried 58 yard field goal – amateurish performance in every way (5:43) … Hopkins 1 for 13 and up 28-3 is good thing (4:00) … Peterson holding – this is becoming an issue (2:30) … spoke too soon – Murphy whiffed on tackle on Lamb = Dallas to 38 – Baker blitzing monster tonight … Joseph no mercy against backup and bad Dallas OL
        FOURTH QUARTER: Baker first career pick – having a career game in prime time that gets a player elected to the Pro Bowl and voted all pro by the national media (13:00) … Murray +61 to Hopkins to D11 – Murray missed easy td overthrowing Fitzgerald in end zone = AZ 31-3, 8:54 … a rarity in my 19 years covering the Cardinals on the positive side of a blowout (5:00) … Murphy just can’t play four quarters – great first 2 1/2, bad tackling and coverage last 1 1/2 (4:24) … Simmons getting garbage time at ILB and struggling  with 2 penalties but did get PBU (4:03) – Kevin Peterson two PI in end zone covering Gallup – Cardinals four penalties on drive – Kevin Peterson beat for TD by Cooper = 31-10, 2:48Cardinals just trying to run out clock on Drake 69 yard run = 38-10, 1:49 
       THE LATEST LINE: Las MuVegas Super Book – Dallas 1 (56) … Prediction – Cowboys 28, Cardinals 27



       *NFL WEEK #6 SPOTLIGHT GAMES: Packers 30, Buccaneers 27 … Bears 23, Panthers 20 … Steelers 27, Browns 20    
       *CFB SPOTLIGHT GAME: Alabama 27, Georgia 26


        *THE LEAD: The NFL record setting scoring thru five weeks continued (3,958 points) and touchdowns (453) with penalties the lowest in five seasons (13.51 per game). Offensive holding is down to 156 through five weeks from 351 through the same number of games last season.
        *LOCAL ROUNDUP: If Mike D’Antoni does not land a head coaching job he might be an assistant for new Nets head coach Steve Nash. Speaking of former Suns, Goran Dragic was almost traded to the Mavericks before the start of 2019-20 season, but instead the Heat dealt Hasson Whiteside to the Blazers for salary cap reasons so Heat could sign Jimmy Butler … Former Cardinal Jay Feely delivered a solid performance as the Bills-Titans game commentator.
        *HEARD THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE: The Urban Meyer to Texas rumors have gained momentum after Tom Herman dropped to 1-4 against Oklahoma.
        The Texans are receiving strong support from Deshawn Watson to hire Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy after this season to replace Blll O’Brien … The Eagles are trying to deal Zach Ertz who is upset after not receiving a contract extension.
        Current Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady, last year the O.C. for national champ LSU, is the hottest head coaching name out there around the NFL and college football. The most logical talk has him reuniting in Cincinnati with Joe Burrow
        *AROUND MLB: Free agent to be Trevor Bauer talked favorably last week about the Yankees and Braves.
        *AROUND THE NFL: The Dolphins wanted Le’Veon Bell and offered more money, but Bell still signed with the Chiefs … Staying with the Dolphins, rookie Tua Tagovailoa has struggled learning Chan Gailey’s offense.
        *BY THE NUMBERS – 1-2: LSU’s record after 3 games for the first time since 1994 (the last time a defending national champion started 1-2 was Michigan in 1998)
        1-7: The University of Miami’s record in their last eight meetings against top 10 opponents.
        15: The number of Chargers losses the past two seasons – 13 have been by one score.
        21-0: Nick Saban record former assistants prior to Saturday’s night against Georgia’s Kirby Smart.



        *HEROES (TEAM) – CLEVELAND: The Browns are 4-1 for the first time since 1994 when Bill Belichick was the head coach and Nick Saban the defensive coordinator. 
        *HERO (PLAYER) – DEREK CARR: He had never beaten Patrick Mahomes and never won at Arrowhead Stadium before Sunday’s 22 of 31 for 347 yards, three-touchdown performance in the 40-32 Raiders win.  
        *HERO (COACH) – MATT RHULE: The Panthers are 3-0 without Christian McCaffrey and with the youngest starting defense in the NFL. 
        *ZEROES (TEAM) – SAN FRANCISCO: The defending NFC champs are 0-3 at home after losing 43-17 as nine-point favorites to Miami. 
         *ZERO (PLAYER) – PHILLIP RIVERS: He handed the Browns nine points in a game the Colts lost by nine points – an easy pick six and intentionally grounding from the end zone. 
        *ZERO (COACH) – DAN QUINN: The Falcons should have fired Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff after last season, but a bogus end to the 2019 regular season provided false hope heading into a 2020 season that is now realistically over after just five games.



       THE BOTTOM LINE (POST-GAME): The Cardinals systematically took care of business, dominating offensively, defensively, special teams and coaching against a Jets team that lived down to their reputation of being the worst team in football 
        PRE-GAME: Devon Kennard (calf) and Chris Banjo (hamstring) are out … Jordan Phillips (illness) and Darrell Daniels (thigh) are active … Brett Hundley is inactive for a fifth consecutive game = more Chris Streveler confusion? … For the Jets, (Sam Darnold (AC joint) Mekhi Becton (shoulder) and Breshad Perriman (ankle) are out.
        FIRST QUARTER: Cardinals win toss and defer – Cardinals 3+out after Flacco missed easy pitch and catch and Crowder ran route one yard short of first down … Cardinals offense first two plays Drake runs, the Murray leaves pocket early and Hail Mary type throw incomplete = three + out to Kirk (third down might have an example of Murray being too short and leaving the pocket to see downfield) … 3+1, 35 – drop = Cardinals defense two straight three and out but more Jets gaffes … Kirk back returning punts means he’s fully healthy (10:46) … Murray to Kirk FDP > Murray FDR +16 > Murray to Kirk FDP t0 Jets 37 > Isabella stepped out one yard short of FD = 3+1, NYJ 29 – Edmonds 29 yard TD run (great block Daniels playing the role of Maxx Williams = AZ 7-0, 7:33 – 8 plays, 89-yard TD drive (no penalties – Edmonds was in for Drake including 3+1 td run … Jets start at 11 after Gonzalez short kick and muffed return – Bell two runs for FD (Cardinals front blown off ball) – Fotu blew up run play + Fitts also there – 3+7, 27, Flacco missed open Crowder = Jets ineptness main reason one FD first three possessions (4:43) – 2+10, NYJ 40 … Fitz +12 FD – Drake not chance thus far (5 for 7) – Kirk FDP to Hopkins to Jets 40 – Beacham hold (third penalty in two weeks) – 3+20, 50, Murray no time and maybe confused vs. zone and throwaway – Cards blew chance to take two score lead = Lee punt to 7 (1:55) … Jets FDP – Thompson illegal contract FD (would have been 3+6, 24) – Gore runs over Thompson FDR to 40
        SECOND QUARTER: 3+7, NYJ 43 – Flacco runs for +9 (Cardinals in man) – Phillips pass deflection but Baker penalty illegal contact would have been 2+10, instead 1+10 at AZ 43 – Chandler Jones missed easy sack with bad angle on Flacco and Jets get FD to 33 – 1+10, 22 – 3+1, 13, stopped TE on plunge – 4+1, AZ 13, Bell stopped for no gain when Joseph all-out run blitz and Campbell tackle = Cardinals ball (8:58) … Cards offense needs to stay on field after Cardinals long defensive possession (13 plays) – Murray not close to Fitz (could have been pick) = 3+6, AZ 32 – Murray height again an issue as deflected pass and pick by Williamson returned to AZ 10 (Cardnals offense did not stay on field) … Incredibly, Jets delay to begin drive at AZ 10 on first play after turnover … 3+goal, 7 – Flacco no chance throw to end zone – Peterson excellent tackle on first down run by Bell – Cardinals defense nice stop = AZ 7-3, 7:04 … Murray FDR – Fitzgerald FD – Isabella short arms perfect throw from Murray – Humphries not lined up properly – Murray excellent patience on free play and Isabella catch FD to NYJ 34 – Murray to Kirk FD to NYY 10 – Murray QB draw to 6 – 2+goal, 7, Jets holding in end zone on Hopkins – 1+goal, 3, Drake +1 – 2+goal, 2, Murray red option for td (untouched) = AZ 14-3, 2:42 > (great drive (10 plays, 75 yards) after defensive two consecutive red zone stops) … Jones left field (out for rest of game with biceps injury)Defense needs stop for momentum out of first half and into second half when Cardinals get ball > Hicks beaten badly in coverage by Herndon but Peterson forced fumble at end of play = replay and Cardinals get hosed and Jets keep ball at Jets 47 (1:33) – Hicks drew hold when blitzing – Gardeck (in for Jones) sack and forced fumble, Peters recovers but correctly overruled by replay = 3+21, NYJ 37, Baker tackle +12 = good stop defense Kingsbury called time outs last two defensive plays + Washington should have blocked punt … Cardinals, :53 at own 20 – need to be conservative and not screw up (get ball to start second) – Murray to Edmonds down middle to Jets 38 – then to Hopkins to 30 – Gonzalez makes 47 yard field goal – AZ 17-3, 0:02Cardinals great end to first half – offense 75 yard TD drive, defensive stop, drive for fg = 17-3 against winless, demoralized team
        THIRD QUARTERMurray OK after falling on ball during first half … Murray FDR – Murray to Hopkins FDP – Sweezy easily beat on sack (Murray no chance to get away) = 3+18 and eventual punt … Cardinals 3+1 stop when Hicks running down Bell and Kirkpatrick helping stop Bell short (Cardinals defense stopped Jets 1 of 8 third down = defense three and out (10:32) … Cardinals offense sloppy start second half – Pugh hold first play second possession followed by delay of game = inexcusable and 1+25 – 3+6, 36, Murray inaccurate to open Hopkins (8:02) … Lee punt nearly blocked … Crowder beats Cardinals across field +54 with Murphy not falling asleep on weak side (Murphy has played poorly since final drive of first game at SF – 3-4, 16, Flacco runs +6 FD – next play Flacco 12 yard touchdown pass (Murphy beat again) – INEXCUSABLE WORD RETURNS FOR A THIRD STRAIGHT WEEK – Cardinals had chance to put winless team away, but, instead have given Jets reason to believe = AZ 17-10, 5:51 … Drake too much sideline to sideline, even on reception – Fitz can’t break tackle for what should easy first down = 3+1,AZ 39 and Edmonds stuffed (OL bad run blocking last three games) = 4+1, 39, Murray to Daniels (great call) +31 to Jets 30 – 3+3, NYJ 23, Edmonds FD +6 – Drake two straight power runs to one = 1+1, 1 = Drake easy td and Cardinals great drive = AZ 24-10, :15 … Kirkpatrick bad PI – 2+10 play short of first down (allow catch and make tackle) 
        FOURTH QUARTER:  Defense get a stop and game should be over with Jets having zero healthy playmakers (except Crowder) – Peterson called incorrectly for hold to nullify sack by Fitts – Baker TFL blitzing on play on reverse pass (great call by Joseph) – Lawrence injured – 3+25, NYJ 34, Flacco throw it away = Cardinals defensive stop and game should be over with Cardinals really screwing up – Kirk muffs punt but Kevin Peterson hustle to recover (11:34) … Murray throws it up for grabs and lucky Jets called for hold – next play, Murray +45 to Hopkins – should have been TD but badly underthrown (10:00) – this game another example of Fitzgerald seldom open – Murray FD to Kirk to NYJ 32 … Pugh injured – Garcia in … Cole illegal downfield … Lawrence out,  Sweezy questionable to return – Murray 37 yard well thrown into double coverage Hopkins td – Cardinals going for two from one after Jets penalty (some kind of metrics thing) – Murray misses Daniels (just kick the extra point when up 20) = AZ 30-10 (8:35) … Cardinals more man today – good move by Joseph today versus Jets bad receivers … Thompson beat for TD but Berrios drop and next play Kirkpatrick beat for TD but Smith drop … 4:00 – Cardinals should take time to work on run game against team that has checked it in for today > 2:00 victory formation 
        THE LATEST LINE: Las Vegas Super Book – Arizona 7 (48) … Prediction – Cardinals 30, Jets 17