Brittan Golden getting “the flow and the feel” with everyone at training camp

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GLENDALE, Ariz. – There’s some real good battles taking place at Cardinals training camp between the wide receivers. Each and every one of them are gifted, athletic, and talented, but they all can’t have their names on the 53-man roster come September 5. That’s why it’s vital for Brittan Golden to continue to do what he’s doing in camp to make sure he’s not a part of the cut list.

“I feel like I’m doing okay. You kinda take it day by day, go with the flow, and try to put your best foot forward every day,” Golden said.

Golden has scraped and hustled for his ever since he signed with the Chicago Bears back in 2012 as a rookie free agent. Since then, Golden’s bounced between the Bears’ practice squad, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ practice squad, and the Cardinals’ practice squad. He finally made his way onto Arizona’s active roster in October 2013. He was released 10 months later, brought back on the Cardinals’ practice squad, and yet again elevated to the active roster last December.

With all being said, it’s safe to assume that Golden knows the value of a job, and taking advantage of every opportunity that drops in his lap. Case in point: the Michael Floyd situation. With Floyd out with his hand injury, it’s given Golden a chance to get more reps, and more packages designed for him by head coach Bruce Arians.

“That’s true; you just gotta take advantage of the reps given to you,” Golden said. “You either get exposed, or you get your exposure like B.A. (Bruce Arians) says, so you gotta be ready to go.”

“They’re rotating us around, making sure everybody gets a chance to go with everybody, and get the flow and the feel for everybody,” Golden said. “It’s always good for everybody to get the reps, and to get the timing of the quarterbacks.”

Golden feels he’s going to make his mark – and hopefully secure a roster spot – on special teams. He’s been back in the end zone during training camp working on returning punts and kickoffs. He says he’ll have to see how special teams coordinator Amos Jones wants to work him into the mix during the preseason and take it from there.

“I mean we’re so deep at wide receiver, you can just go down the line; the top six (or) seven guys we (have) here can play anywhere else,” Golden said. “The fourth, fifth and sixth guys are going to have to be able to play special teams to make your mark.”

Being that it’s his third season with the Cardinals, and with quarterbacks Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton, Golden feels more at ease having that rapport with them.

“I think it’s been good, so I feel a little more comfortable with both of them (Palmer and Stanton),” Golden said.

Arians has multiple boards he refers to. The one board Golden has been on is the “Mental Errors” board.

“That’s not the board you want to be on in the morning, but sometimes it’s inevitable,” Golden said.

Golden says Arians puts the board on “blast” in front of all the players, so they know who’s making mental blunders.

“I think it’s more of a challenge to us to keep your name and number off of that board, so I think it’s a good thing,” Golden said.

There’s a very simple way for Golden to stay off that board, and have his name on the board he really wants to be on: the 53-man roster board, and that is:

“Be smart; play smart football as coach (Bruce Arians) says. Don’t play dumb football,” Golden said.