D.J. Foster’s NFL pitch: “I can play whatever you need me to play”

dj foster sun devils


GLENDALE, Ariz. – D.J. Foster has a simple pitch to NFL teams this week while he’s in Indianapolis, Ind., at the NFL Scouting Combine:

“I can play whatever you need me to play,” Foster said. “I can play special teams, I can play running back, I can play (wide) receiver. I can do whatever you need me to do. I’ve shown it, I have it on film and I’ll work hard for you.”

It’s incredible how fast the last eight years have flown by with Foster. It seemed like only yesterday when Foster was destroying competition at Saguaro High School. It only seemed like minutes ago when Foster was slicing through defenses while at Arizona State. Foster’s had eight of the best years an athlete could have both at Saguaro and Arizona State, two of the best programs a young man could come up in if he had NFL aspirations, as Foster clearly has.

“For me, it’s being able to get coached by such great coaches over the years,” Foster said. “Just being around competitors all throughout my high school career, as well as going to college. The Brandon Magee’s, the Will Sutton’s, guys like that have been great role models for me of how to play the game, and how to handle your business off the field as well.”

What a wild time it’s been for Foster ever since his Sun Devil career ended. He was training and getting ready for his Pro Day, when he got a call from his agent, Damarius Bilbo of Revolution Sports, who told him he could participate in the Senior Bowl, because someone dropped out. Of course Foster jumped at the chance to showcase his talents even more.

“It’s all a blessing. It’s crazy,” Foster said. “I hopped on a flight (at) 12:15 a.m., Tuesday morning, and practice was at 1:00 p.m. So I flew from here to Charlotte, with an hour left to go before the first practice. They gave me my pass, and said, ‘Good luck.’ It was a great experience. Just being back at running back, it felt good to be back at my natural position, and seeing other guys, (the) top guys from all over the country, it was a fun experience.”

As Foster said, he’s most comfortable at his natural position, which is running back. At the NFL Scouting Combine, Foster’s listed as a wide receiver, which he played last season for the Sun Devils. Foster is choosing to, pun intended, run with the fact that he’s a “running back that can play wide receiver.” That will make him even more marketable to prospective employers this week in Indianapolis.

“I am a running back, I’ve played it for 15 years,” Foster said. “I’m a running back that can play wide receiver. I can add that to my game. This last year (with Arizona State), going from outside to slot, to being slot the last couple years, I feel it adds to my versatility. I think I can do it all.”

Even though Foster has endless talent, it would be a shame to waste it all on a team who might not use him correctly, or a team that’s a perennial loser, which would also frustrate Foster.

For Foster, it’s all about him being the right piece that completes the right team’s puzzle.

“It can make you or break you,” Foster said. “A lot of guys, it can accelerate your career, and put you in a position to be successful. I truly believe I have the talent to play at any organization, no matter (where) that might be, but I definitely wouldn’t mind playing for a Green Bay (Packers) or New England (Patriots) definitely.”