Bob Kemp


        *THE SUNS NOT FINISHING QUARTERS HIT A NEW LOW: The Suns led 99-97 with 2:30 remaining, but allowed the next eight points to fall behind 105-99 with 20.8 seconds remaining. The Suns failed to score on four consecutive possessions (Devin Booker missed jumper, Deandre Ayton blocked on the lob by Giannis, Chris Paul turnover and Booker missed layup). At the other end, the Bucks scored on four consecutive possessions.
        *THE SUNS LED 85-76 ONE POSSESSION INTO THE FOURTH QUARTER: They were outscored 33-18 the rest of the game. In the fourth quarter, the Suns made seven of 19 field goal attempts, one of five from behind from the arc, with three assists and five turnovers.
        *THE SUNS WERE DESTROYED BY TURNOVERS AND SECOND-CHANCE POINTS: The Suns turned it over 17 times which the Bucks turned into 24 points. Also, the Bucks had 17 offensive rebounds which they turned into a 20-2 second-chance points differential.
        *DEVIN BOOKER DID NOT FINISH: He had 38 points on 16 of 22 from the field thru three quarters. In the last quarter, he was one of six and scored four points.
        *CHRIS PAUL WAS GREAT THE FIRST TWO GAMES AT HOME, BUT FAR FROM IT IN THE TWO ROAD GAMES: In the two home games he was 22 of 39 from the field, including seven of 12 from behind the arc, with 17 assists and eight turnovers in the two wins. In Milwaukee, Paul made 13 of just 27 field goal attempts, one of six on three-point attempts with 16 assists and nine turnovers.
        *THE BUCKS ARE REALLY GOOD AT HOME: In the playoffs, Milwaukee has won nine of 10 home games. The Suns are now 6-4 on the road during this post-season.