Bob Kemp


        *THE SUNS ARE THE FIRST TEAM TO REACH THE CONFERENCE FINALS: Because they took care of business, the Suns will have a considerable rest advantage against either the Clippers or Jazz who will not finish their series before Wednesday.
        *THE SUNS ARE NOW 2-0 IN CLOSE OUT GAMES: Most impressively, the playoff inexperienced Suns finished their series against the Lakers and Nuggets on the road.
        *THE SUNS DOMINATED THE NUGGETS IN THE THIRD QUARTER OF ALL FOUR GAMES: The Suns scored at least 31 points in the four third quarters with a 134-95 cumulative total.
        *CHRIS PAUL TOYED WITH THE NUGGETS IN ALL FOUR GAMES: He finished the series with 41 assists and five turnovers. Paul’s 37 points on Sunday night were his highest scoring game since 2018 (regular season or post season). For the series, he made 37 of 59 field goal attempts (62.6%), six of eight from behind the arc (75%) and 22 of 22 from the free-throw line (100%). Also, it was the first time that Paul’s team swept a playoff series.
        *JAI CROWDER’S DEFENSE AND REBOUNDING WERE IMPRESSIVE: He finished with a team-most 10 rebounds and a game-high four blocked shots.
        *THE NBA ACCURATELY EJECTED NIKOLA JOKIC: His excessive blow to the nose of Cameron Payne was the definition of a flagrant two foul whether it be the MVP or the last player on the bench.