Gary Chambers gearing up for ASU Pro Day

Photo: Rick Scuteri/AP

Photo: Rick Scuteri/AP


GLENDALE, Ariz. – This Friday, Gary Chambers will have his big showcase at Arizona State’s Pro Day. He’ll hit the weights, with about 10 other NFL hopefuls, then they’ll transition over to the Verde Dickey Dome for some more work.

Chambers has been making sure he’s doing everything right in the lead-up to the big day. He’s been working non-stop at the Fischer Institute, which is the ultimate destination for anyone who’s looking to make it to that next level: The NFL.

“Eat right, sleep right, live right. Continue to come in here (Fischer Institute) and grind,” Chambers said. “Just try to master everything that they’re teaching. I’m getting a lot of good coaching up here. Just stay healthy, keep my body right and continue to work. I gotta get my mental good, and lock myself in that zone. Besides that, just get ready to do what I’ve been trying to do my whole life.”

The hours and hours of work Chambers has put in at the Institute is paying off for him. He’s seen his 40-yard dash times improve, along with his three-cone work, and his overall strength.

All those improvements, Chambers hopes, will get him from flying under the radar to being a huge blip on that radar.

“I feel like I’ve flown under the radar for a long time,” Chambers said. “I have no problem being an underdog. It’s just one of those things, just being focused, and going out and doing everything to the best of my ability is the biggest thing and training hard.”

Ever since his high school days at Ironwood High School, in Glendale, Ariz., Chambers has been known as a special teams ace. In his junior year at Ironwood, Chambers was the team’s primary kickoff return specialist. He was also that guy in his senior season.

Chambers’ role when he first got to Arizona State was mainly playing special teams in his freshman and sophomore seasons, when he redshirted.

There’s a guy who plays for the Cardinals who’s pretty good at special teams, and has made the Pro Bowl as a result, and his name is Justin Bethel. Bethel’s considered to be one of the most dangerous special teamers in the NFL, and although he’s trying to work on being a quality starting cornerback in the NFL, Bethel’s claim to fame is his ability to come off the edge and block extra points and create problems for other teams.

Chambers says he would love to be an ace on special teams at the next level. To him, playing special teams would fall in line with anything else a team would require of him in his rookie season and beyond.

“I definitely feel like I’m capable, I feel like anything I’m asked (to do), I can go out there and perform, and that’s what it’s about,” Chambers said. “Whatever way I can make it, whatever I can do, I would love to. I’m a (wide) receiver at heart, so I still plan on being able to go play (wide) receiver and catch some footballs.”

“I feel like I offer a football team a lot,” Chambers said. “I’m a big (wide) receiver, I’m a physical guy, I’m strong, I can get in there, I’m going to show you guys I got some speed, and I feel like I’m useful in a lot of different places, not just at (wide) receiver, but all around (on) special teams. I feel like I can play anywhere on special teams, and be a real good utility guy for any team.”