Patrick Peterson and Kandy Shop Creations put on 3rd annual “Show and Tell” Car Show

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MESA, Ariz. – Beautiful cars were lined up in rows as far as the human eye could see in front of Kandy Shop Creations on Saturday, as Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson held his third annual “Show and Tell” Car Show.

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Over 150 cars were on display for Peterson to judge, and eventually decide which one was the star of the show, with 100% of the proceeds going to Peterson’s charity – The Patrick Peterson Foundation for Success, whose sole mission is to provide low-income and inner city youth with opportunities and resources to help them reach their full potential.

It’s actually a funny story about Peterson’s car show, and how it came to be.

“It came about I believe in 2012, when my first old school car, my ’72 Chevelle (had problems),” Peterson said. “My wife always used to get on me about how raggedy my cars were, and it always used to fall apart on me. Before I could even get out of the neighborhood, I was always (like), ‘Aww, babe come get me, something was wrong with the fuel cell, or what’s wrong with the hydraulics?’ It was always something wrong with it, and I ran across Matt (Myers, founder of Kandy Shop Creations) through a guy that built my Banshee that’s out there (on display at the show). I liked his (Myers) work, and I had him take that car off my hands, and rebuild it, and get it back to where I thought it should be, and I loved it, and we continued building cars from there. He (Myers) pretty much is the guy who manages my garage, (and) puts all my cars together. I have about 12 cars in my collection right now. He manages all of them, and he’s done a great job so far.”

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It’s something about cars built in 1972 that’s peaked Peterson’s interest. It was his baby, his 1972 Chevelle, that was the inspiration for the “Show and Tell” show, but before that, it was a 1972 Chevy Nova that really got things in motion for Peterson when he was a young child back in his hometown of Pompano Beach, Fla.

“I was about seven-years-old, watching my dad’s best friend put in endless hours into that car, day in and day out,” Peterson said. “To see the finished product, and see the result, and just see the excitement, and the joy on his face, that he put that work in, and this was the finished product, I thought that pretty cool, and that’s what got me into building cars.”

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Peterson’s a fixture at the Kandy Shop, as he said with him and Myers building a few of the cars in his collection there. As all the parents out there know, once you have your son or daughter, your free time is pretty much all gone, with that time reverting to your little ones, as Peterson’s is devoted to four-month-old Paityn.

Peterson and Myers have a couple of cars in the works in the Shop right now – a 1971 Chevelle and a 1973 Chevy Impala – which have sparked memories of what it was like to build some of the dozen cars he has in his collection.

“It feels great,” Peterson said. “That ’73 C-10 out there, that car was built from the ground up. Me and Matt, we did a great job, and also the Kandy Shop staff did a great job of restoring that truck from the ground up. From top to bottom, from the suspension, from the rear end, from the motor, from the wheel wells, everything is built from top to bottom. To see that car come together the way it did, it was definitely an exciting day.”

The “Show and Tell” Car Show may be in its infancy, but the future looks bright for it and Kandy Shop Creations. The event was very well attended; there were moms, and dads, and kids galore there, and Peterson got a chance to meet just about everyone, and get some background on each and every car. He took pictures, signed shirts and made everyone’s day by just being there for them, which in turn, has blessed him, as he blesses others with the car show and his foundation.

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“I’m very, very blessed to be in this position, on this platform,” Peterson said. “I understand that the level that I have reached, and the household name that I have created, people listen. People want to be like me, people want to hear words of wisdom from Patrick Peterson; not only from me, (but) from other greats in the community as well. I just want to make sure I continue using that (influence) to my full potential to help these kids, help my community, and the Arizona community in the best way I can.”