Patrick Peterson: “I just want to continue doing the things that God put me on this planet to do”

3-19 patrick peterson


GLENDALE, Ariz. — Patrick Peterson’s done things in his life that the average 25-year-old only dreams about doing.

Peterson’s arguably the best cornerback in the league, he’s a perennial Pro Bowler, he’s been a first-team All-Pro selection, he’s a philanthropist, and he’s a husband and a father.

What more will Peterson do before he hits 30-years-old??

“My marketing advisor, he pulls my leg all the time,” Peterson said. “He always tells me, ‘You don’t understand what you’ve done at a young age, consistently year after year.’ I really, really don’t know. I’m just so young. It may not seem like it, but I’m just going through the motions man. I’m just enjoying life, and (I) love doing what I do. This is almost not Iike a job to me. It’s just something I really, really enjoy, (and) love doing.”

“I just want to continue helping people, and I want to continue getting better as a (foot)ball player, because there are some things that I got away with last year that I know I can get better at this year,” Peterson said. “I just want to continue doing the things that God put me on this planet to do.”

It’s been almost four years since Peterson and his bride, Antonique, tied the knot, which was a blessing in itself for them. The blessings kept on flowing this past Thanksgiving, when Patrick and Antonique welcomed their first daughter, Paityn Antonique Peterson, to the world on such a fitting day as Thanksgiving.

“It’s a blessing to see her (Paityn) come here healthy,” Peterson said shortly after Paityn was born. “The experience in the delivery room, I never experienced anything like that before. It was definitely bigger than when I got drafted (by the Cardinals) in 2011.”

As amazing as it is to see a little girl come into the world, it’s even more amazing when you see her do things that she’s never done before, as Peterson experienced a few days ago.

“You wanna know something that’s very, very cool? So, right before I came to the cocktail party (last Saturday in advance of his first charity golf tournament), my daughter has never taken a bottle. (She’s) never taken a bottle, never been a fan of it, and (Saturday) was her first time taking the bottle from Daddy, so I thought that was pretty cool.”

That’s what being a parent is all about: Seeing your children grow, learn and develop, with your help of course.

Being a family man has really opened Peterson’s eyes, and changed his whole perspective on life, and how to approach it, especially with having a daughter.

“It’s definitely changed the way I think, (and) the way I talk now, because I definitely have to choose my words very wisely,” Peterson said. “It’s definitely been a pleasure to watch her (Paityn) grow, and to be part of the parenthood now. It’s definitely a blessing, not only to see the finished product, but just to see what it takes for the baby to get here; that’s just truly a miracle. I’ve never loved anyone so much now, so it’s definitely a blessing to be a part of the parenthood.”

Peterson and his secondary running mate, safety Tyrann Mathieu, have had a bond that’s unlike any other, ever since they played together for the first time at LSU during the 2010 season – Mathieu’s first season, and Peterson’s last.

Mathieu says it was just a matter of time before all the things that Peterson’s done would manifest in his life. He saw that coming a mile away for Peterson.

“Oh man, Patrick, he’s been working on that (being a family man) since I met him in college,” Mathieu said. “He’s always been a standup guy, (and he’s) always held onto his promises, so I know fatherhood, and being married wasn’t necessarily going to be a challenge for him, because he’s always been the right kind of guy. I’m proud to be his brother.”